Jumio Details Here Reveal How Online Shopping is Becoming More Secure

Shopping online has become the default option for many people, so businesses that hope to compete have to take great pains to be as solicitous and responsive as possible. Making the checkout process secure and easy is one proven way of keeping customers happy, as many companies have discovered.

On the other hand, the goal of simplifying things for legitimate buyers can interfere with another important priority. No business can afford to become subject to too much fraud online, as the losses and penalties that pile up will inevitably be expensive. Businesses have therefore clamored for years for a better way of making sure that particular buyers are actually the authorized owners of the payment cards they present.

Seamless, Easy Identity Verification Solutions

Unfortunately, those pleas went unanswered for quite some time. Some businesses felt forced, as a result, to implement overly restrictive and intrusive fraud prevention systems of their own, and many lost customers by doing so.

Since then, however, things have changed very much for the better. As Jumio details here reveal, that company’s Netverify technology has proved to be an extremely suitable and well-considered solution to what had been a serious problem for many businesses.

By making it simple for clients to have the identities of their own customers verified at the time of sale, the technology cuts down on fraud without creating hurdles that can cost business. As a more modern and better-tailored approach than those that were formerly put into practice, this solution is one that many more companies can get behind.

A More Mature and Secure Online Shopping Environment

While fraud is still a problem for many companies online, it is starting to become a lot less of an issue for those that seek out the right kinds of supporting technology. Even if it can seem as if any fraud prevention solution must necessarily impose some amount of friction and difficulty, the extra work involved does not have to be significant at all.

For those businesses that are ready to perform at the highest possible level online, solutions like this one are proving this point definitively. A no-compromise style of online shopping is very often the much-appreciated result.