Strategy is Critical to Making it in the Startup World

Entrepreneurs need several things before they can get started. Those in product-based, as opposed to service-based, businesses have additional requirements. All successful businesses have adequate funding, the right people on staff and a sales process that can convince people who don’t know they need the product to give it a chance.


Funding can come from a variety of sources. Some entrepreneurs start their businesses with their own money or loans from people they know. Others seek out angel investors or venture capitalists to invest in their startup. Loans are an option for some business owners. Each funding source comes with risks. For example, someone who uses their own money may lose it all if the venture fails. Loans need to be repaid even if the business never makes any money.


Startup companies cannot afford to hire friends and family members. It’s critical in the early stages to hire people with particular skills. An entrepreneur may need to interview product designers, developers and support staff in order to get the product to market. Companies in the health product industry need to hire people who understand the FDA regulations and can ensure they stay in compliance. To learn more about how to get a health product to market, visit


A focused and aggressive sales team is essential to continued growth. Without these people, a business will never gain its rightful share of the market. There’s a lot of competition in this space and many great products never get discovered because the sales team isn’t effective at what they do. Business owners should choose this group carefully and refine their pitch so they grab and hold the attention of decision-makers.

The startup space is an exciting place to be, especially for those in the health care product industry. Entrepreneurs need to focus on planning their strategy before they start hiring employees. They may get a head start by hiring a strategist to help them put a plan in place. They may have to work long hours in the beginning but if they plan it well, the flow of revenue into the business will make it all worth the time.